Ultrasound induced green solvent extraction of oil from oleaginous seeds.

Ultrasound induced green solvent extraction of oil from oleaginous seeds.

Ultrason Sonochem. 2016 Jul;31:319-29

Authors: Sicaire AG, Vian MA, Fine F, Carré P, Tostain S, Chemat F


Ultrasound-assisted extraction of rapeseed oil was investigated and compared with conventional extraction for energy efficiency, throughput time, extraction yield, cleanness, processing cost and product quality. A multivariate study enabled us to define optimal parameters (7.7W/cm(2) for ultrasonic power intensity, 40°C for processing temperature, and a solid/liquid ratio of 1/15) for ultrasound-assisted extraction of oil from oilseeds to maximize lipid yield while reducing solvent consumption and extraction time using response surface methodology (RSM) with a three-variable central composite design (CCD). A significant difference in oil quality was noted under the conditions of the initial ultrasound extraction, which was later avoided using ultrasound in the absence of oxygen. Three concepts of multistage cross-current extraction were investigated and compared: conventional multistage maceration, ultrasound-assisted maceration and a combination, to assess the positive impact of using ultrasound on the seed oil extraction process. The study concludes that ultrasound-assisted extraction of oil is likely to reduce both economic and ecological impacts of the process in the fat and oil industry.

PMID: 26964955 [PubMed – in process]

Kategorien: Studien.